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Smosh on YouTubeEdit

Smosh joined YouTube on November 19, 2005. Later, Ian created his own channel called IanH on November 24, 2005. Then on November 28, 2006, Anthony created his own personal channel called AnthonyPadilla.


One of Smosh's earliest videos called "Pokemon Theme Song" was an extremely big hit for the early channel and it remained on YouTube for at least 6 months, with over 24,000,000 views. By April 2006, it became the Most Viewed Video of that time. However, YouTube had to remove the video after Shogakukan Productions Co., Ltd., indicated that the video infringed their copyrights.

In 2006, Smosh uploaded another video called "Smosh Short 2: Stranded," which won the 2006 YouTube Award for the Best Comedy Video.


Smosh became the #1 Most Subscribed User on YouTube in April 2007. In January 2010, Smosh was the 3rd most subscribed user on YouTube after they were passed by NigaHiga and Fred. However, Shane Dawson claimed #3 Most Subscribed User of All-Time, which made Smosh #4 Most Subscribed User of All-Time.

As of January 2012, Smosh reclaimed their spot as the #1 most subscribed channel on YouTube with over 6,000,000 subscribers.


Smosh's honors and awards include Most Viewed Video of All Time in April 2006, being featured in the Person of the Year issue of Time magazine in December 2006, YouTube Award for the Best Comedy Video in 2006, and Most Subscribed Channel of All Time in April 2007.


Though 9 Smosh-related channels exist on YouTube, only 6 are active. The base Smosh channel, where Ian and Anthony post their weekly skits, has new videos every Friday. On IanH, the pair upload their side series Ian is Bored / Mailtime with Smosh on Mondays, Lunchtime with Smosh on Thursdays, and their associate performer Mari does "Smosh Pit Weekly" videos on Saturday. On ElSmosh, Ian and Anthony's Spanish translators Juan and Antonio upload classic Smosh episodes on Wednesdays and new episodes on Sundays that have been dubbed over in Spanish. ShutUpCartoons airs a number of animated series. Each series is created by a different animator and it is uploaded on a different weekday. So far, Shut Up! Cartoons episodes include "Sub:3" on Tuesdays and "With Zombies" on Wednesdays.

Askcharlie, active from May 2010 to December 2011, was used to host Ask Charlie episodes, where Charlie would answer viewer-submitted questions. On AnthonyPadilla, Anthony creates and uploads his videos by himself, which are completely unrelated to Smosh and have no particular schedule.

After joining the Partnership Program on YouTube, Smosh created their YouTube comedy show, which currently has 7 seasons and 150+ episodes.


  • Before, Smosh would use one of their latest video's thumbnail as their profile image, but they changed it.
  • AnthonyPadilla, Anthony's second channel, is possibly the only channel that's not in the YouTube Partnership Program.