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Toy Story hater
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair color: Brown
Personal Information
  Toy Story
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Food Battle 2008

Toy Story hater is the minor character who appeared in Food Battle 2008.


Ian sees a guy throw a banana peel onto the street. He throws his donut at the guy Street Fighter style while shouting "Hadouken!" but it doesn't kill him, or even hurt him.

Anthony notices the guy pick up a VHS of Toy Story and say that he hates it. The guy throws it to the ground. This makes Anthony angry, and he runs over to throw his churro at the guy but slips on the guy's banana peel. The churro hits Anthony and kills him. Ian appears to be shocked at his death, but is then revealed to be shocked over leaving trash on the ground and picks up the banana peel.


  • "I hate Toy Story!"
  • "I hate TOY STORY!" (in Anthony's mind)