Food Battle: The Game is an independent game associated with Smosh funded by the Indiegogo, based on the popular Food Battle series. On July 22, 2013, Smosh released a video titled "Let's Make Food Battle: The Game!!!" announcing the launch of an Indiegogo campaign and how $250,000 needs to be raised to develop a game. Food Battle: The Game is a 3D single-player action adventure game. Guide Anthony through multiple unique worlds where you can unlock and equip his favorite foods as weapons to help you battle the Baker's hordes of evil donut minions. And you'll need every weapon in your arsenal if you hope to survive the pink frosted final boss!

Due to the production of this game, fans thought that Smosh may not make a Food Battle 2013 video because usually, around July or August the announcement videos and the polls are added to YouTube and, while the video is usually made around later that time and uploaded September/October. Although, "Food Battle 2013 Announcement" is on their Food Battle Live Stream at the bottom of the corner graphic. Also, at the end of Live stream Ian and Anthony said that they would make a Food Battle 2013 Announcement with food campaign videos like last year that was uploaded September 3rd, 2013.