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Benny Jean



Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair color: Brown
Personal Information
  Anthony Padilla, Cletus
  That Damn Neighbor, Ian Hecox (possibly)
  His pet flamingo, celery
  People stealing his flamingo and That Damn Neighbor
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Food Battle 2007
Last Appearance:
  Food Battle 2008
Played by:
Ian Hecox

Benny Jean is the main protagonist of the "That Damn Neighbor" series and the minor character who appeared in Food Battle 2007 and Food Battle 2008. He is the best friend of Cletus. Also, he is the neighbor and arch-nemesis of That Damn Neighbor.


In Food Battle 2007, Anthony suggested that his and Ian's favorite foods (Pink Frosted Sprinkled Donuts and celery) be used as bait for catching people. Ian had failed while Anthony successfully lured Benny Jean who had chased the celery for a period of time before catching it and eating it.

Benny Jean also made a cameo appearence in Food Battle 2008. He is shown when Ian needs to ditch the donut that is about to explode. Ian is about to put it on his flamingo, but he stops after Benny Jean yells, "No! Not my damn pet flamingo!"


  • Despite only having slapped That Damn Neighbor once and being accused of traumatizing him speechless, he was put into a Maximum Security prison as said by the cop in That Damn Prison Break. However it might not have been maximum security since he easily escaped from it.
  • His name makes a reference to the Michael Jackson hit "Billie Jean".
  • It is unknown what Benny Jean's favorite food is, but it is highly possibly that it is celery, due to the fact that he wouldn't stop chasing it until he got it in the fishing for people challenge in Food Battle 2007.